Everyone can enjoy a minion :)

So for christmas time and about a month ago I had a request by a coworker that she would love to have two minions from the Despicable Me movie, and one of my coworkers was leaving for a different state and he was something like a minion for all of us ladies at work :). So after doing some searching on ravelry yes yes I get a lot of my patterns off that website.  I came across this wonderful pattern!!! This is one of the quickest little toys to whip up it took me all of  like two hours-ish. And it’s a great beginners pattern but it does teach a couple of new techniques like crocheting in the back loop and starting one piece and adding a second color. I would highly recommend any of wolfdreamer’s patterns they are well written and a breeze to get through. Also included in the pattern is some ideas to make the minion your own by giving it one eye, making it fatter, and adding different accessories.

So for christmas I whipped up two minions and thankfully my coworker had her camera on her and here is one of her lovely girls enjoying her minion.

A cute minion

As you can see I did not add the felt emblem since this cutey pie and her little sister are a wee bit young so I did not want to use glue or hand sew them on. All in all they came out good. And just about a month ago I quickly made one more and sent it off as a going away present to our other coworker who’s fiancée got a good laugh out of it. 🙂 Which is always good to get out of people as a silly present.


“Oh Yeah!!!!”

So this last Thursday I decided that after doing quite a bit of research that I would take the plunge into dyeing yarn with kool-aid.  I spent about three days reading through blog after blog compiling information on what was going to be the best dyeing route for me. Some of the things I put into consideration was space constraints I live in what would be referred to as a studio dorm. I live upstairs but share the downstairs kitchen and bathroom. So needless to say dyeing using the stove top was out of the question.

The two different options I looked into were microwave dyeing and Crockpot hot pour method. The microwave version consist’s of using a microwavable dish, kool-aid mixture, and water. Sounds really convenient I know except I wanted to dye about 200 plus yards of yarn and unfortunately canning jars just don’t quite fit that all that well when trying to do verrigated.  So after reading a bit more I finally stumbled upon the crockpot method and I fell in love. It allows for multiple color’s and I could fit up to 400 yards of yarn if I wanted to since I have a medium size. And I could dye in the comfort of my room with only the smell of hot kool-aid and wool. 🙂 It’s a win in my book.

The 3 blogs I used for this project are Knit purl girl’s website which I know am addicted to reading yes yes I took the time to read all of her old blogs to the currant ones. ^^; Her’s was the method I used to try my first attempt. The second site Leethal is for more advanced ways to do multiple colors in your crockpot which I highly recommending reading all three of her dyeing pages as she also includes a tutorial for how to achieve self striping yarn through dyeing. And lastly I also used Knitty as they have a fantastic color yarn chart for which kool-aids give you what color!!!!!!

With all of that research under my belt I bent to the task and came out with


lemony,lime, and orangey goodness

The Only thing I forgot to do in the whole process was to make sure I used hot water in the kool-aid….oopsy I did a cold pour right into a hot water bath….erk. And a note to anyone who does this you have to make sure whatever yarn you are using is 75% or more natural fiber like wool, alpaca, angora etc. etc. You can not dye cotton or silk with kool-aid hence why my cotton string is really bright white in the photo it didn’t take any of the dye. And PATIENCE!!!!! do not stir or move your wool around to much once wet as it will FELT!!!! I maybe sorta wasn’t patient enough and my wool was starting to stick together and trying to felt…..^.^; yikes!

For those of you interested in trying to dye this is definitely a great starter project to get yourself familiar with if you might like to do dyeing. The plus side to dyeing with kool-aid is that you can use anything in your kitchen and not worry about ruining it and calling it off limits for cooking in. No chemicals or acids in this method!!!! 🙂 You can also dye with your kids by having them paint the yarn and then you can man the microwave. DO NOT let kids touch the yarn once you start heating it up as it will get very hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Diamond Ridge Hat

    A crocheted version of the knitted koolhaus hat ? spelling for that. Pattern was found at ravelry this pattern is titled diamond-ridges by Kristy Ashmore.  This hat is definitely an expert level or higher and still confusing it took me two days and a youtube video walk through to figure this one out. If anyone is trying to complete this hat or trying to start it and are stuck email me and I will link everything I found to help you out. Also check the ravelry group for this pattern as the author does tell you a pattern correction.

Once I figured out the issue with the three particular rows this hat crocheted up very quickly and looked fantastic I’ve actually done two of these hats now and once I find the picture for the second one I will edit this post to put it in. I still unfortunately haven’t made myself one of these…. will definitely remedy that in a bit. Any who couple more days of putting old stuff up……which now that I think about it I might just upload all the old stuff into the Gallery tab to save time hhhmmmmmm……. I’ll think about it since this week I have a fun project I’m going to attempt on Thursday and maybe get some really good results with. 🙂               *edited to add picture of second hat

second attempt

Sushi Scarf

So this first project was made for one of my co-workers it was a lot of fun making this sushi scarf. I got the pattern from twinkie-chan’s crochet foodies book. Which if you ever have a chance to you should definitely check out her Twinkie-chan blog! This pattern is not for the beginner that is for sure there is a ton of color change outs and a gajillion ends to weave in. If you have a lot of time on your hands and are a intermediate or higher crocheter then I whole heartly recommend this scarf especially if you love sushi and all things japanese!

This scarf took me about two nights of about 8 hours each crocheting solid to make all the pieces. It however took two weeks to weave in ends and string together.  One other thing to is it took a plethora of yarn and lots of it I actually ran out of two colors half way through. Otherwise it is a very sturdy scarf and one can use it as a suitable winter scarf.

Dang no good bottle of wine to break over this ships hull.

Oh well I guess I will have to make do with a good glass of Hawaiian punch!

So to start out this first blog post I would like to just say hello and welcome to the expanded online version of my craft closet.  For anyone who knows me you all understand that first sentence especially if you helped me move a week ago.  I owe those individuals big time for the multiple trips up and down the stairs carting box after box of crafting supplies.  For those of you who don’t know me welcome to rarely contained mess’s and lots of explicative’s when I get frustrated with one of the projects.

Most of the time though this blog will be showing what project I am starting or have finished along with any observations about said project (i.e. headaches with pattern or ease of pattern). To list a few crafts anyone will be seeing on this page it goes as follows: crochet, scrap booking, paper craft, photography, Polymer clay work, and if my life depends on it maybe a knitting project once a decade. 🙂

For the next week or so I will be posting completed projects to slowly catch up to the current ones I am working. Once I have caught up I would like to in theory be able to track a start and finish for my projects so that I can get a good idea of how many I actually finish and not just start. 🙂 The only other warning I can give is that if you don’t mind atrocious writing skills I hope you enjoy what is about to explode onto this blog.

Stay tuned!