The yarn god’s are laughing

So first and foremost sorry about the couple weeks of no posting my poor little ignored blog. Work has been crazy busy with the open and close random schedule which is throwing my sleep pattern way off.  Last week I was able to complete a hat that I’d promised a buddy of mine about two years ago.  Yes I am really slow when it comes to personal gifts to friends. He asked for a cthulu hat didn’t care what it looked like as long as it was a cthulu hat….

The littlest elder god

The littlest elder god

So this pattern was a really simple no brainer pattern I just grabbed some Caron simply soft in neon green double stranded it and did a generic beanie hat. Once I got to the end I put it on my head and used some paper clips to mark were the ears and tentacles should be placed. Added the ear flaps and crocheted the tentacles right on no sewing on those suckers….errrr bad pun.  Last but not least I cut out some felt eyes and used some ok to wash it glue I want to say it was the annie’s brand…. I think.  I had some felt green wings cut out but they just were not looking good no matter where I placed them so they got left off. Last but not least I added the braids for the ties and VWALA!!!!! mini elder god hat. If anyone really wants the pattern I’m sure I can scrounge up my notes and translate them to something resembling a pattern.

Happy crocheting peeps!