The bane of the diamond hat

So my odd ball reader’s I apologize for the 4 month hiatus that has been this poor blog. After an email from a fellow crocheter I am reminded that I need to be updating this beast.  This email I received was pertaining to that bane of an existence diamond hat pattern. After a few email’s back and forth pertaining to row 6 and 7 help I am going to attempt the impossible I’m going to use ms paint to draw out 6 and 7…… Being on vacation without a webcam is a little difficult and unfortunately my camera is being used for photo’s from hiking, driving, and all around playing.  🙂 But if the fellow crocheter thinks the paint walkthrough I do actually works I’ll post it here for anyone else to use instead of pulling there hair out over those dumb two rows. We shall see how this works worse case scenario I’ll be doing a webcam video with a very sub par webcam.