My poor poor baby :(

Oh my poor little bloggypoo.  I’m sorry you have been so ignored lately I promise it won’t happen ever again……or maybe in a couple of weeks I can keep that promise.  For those of you patiently waiting for a video walkthrough I apologize for this really long wait.   If it’s been one thing it’s another right now.  I’m in the midst of traveling and won’t be settled down till next week, but I won’t have access to my laptop till mid February along with the awesome luck I have we had to reformat my laptop and my external backup driver deleted everything I had on my laptop so can you say goodbye video I had in the works along with all of my photo’s.  The worst part was the 400+ crochet patterns I lost I think that made me wince more.  As soon as stuff calms down I will be back to regularly posting and video making till then I really am sorry.


Welp I have a memory like a goldfish yup I do.

So after a very busy December doing all homemade gifts along with a couple of craft shows everything went off without a hitch! 😀 The only downside is I forgot my camera at my mom’s house that has ALL of the photo’s….fudge. So in two weeks when I go to my mom’s I must remember to grab my camera that has the photo’s for everything I made! Until then enjoy this.

Over the rainbow

So this is another pattern test for a lady on ravelry the pattern is Baby Jumper by Sonja Otto Designs. The cute little jumper is made out of Caron yarn and is a really nice simple shell pattern with a cute top added onto it. It’s worked top down for the dress part and then you attach the bib and straps. Very easy to follow instructions and really fun way to use up scrap pieces of yarn you have laying around. This designer wanted two dresses done which I am working on the second one right now. I can’t wait to post the second one as it is a great themed piece I thought up! I would rank this for an adventurous beginner. Unfortunately the designer does not have it in her shop to purchase the pattern due to some issues that she has a few ladies along with myself testing. As soon as it re-appears in her shop I will do a yippie post! Till then I’ll try to get my next post to be the video tutorial…..if windows movie maker wants to work with me here.   >.> ugh.