Christmas time panic……otherwise known as time crunch!

Well tonight I decided to get the BF’s presents rounded up and into a box and then realized that the only christmas paper I had was this really pastely purple girly christmas wrapping paper.  So I spent a few min. scrounging around in my scrapbooking drawers to make him a manly card. It came out ok for the most part not the best with what little time I put into it but it will serve its purpose. 🙂  Now all I have to do is mail of a ten lb. box of presents tomorrow and cross my fingers and hope it gets to him in time for christmas, we shall see.

Manly card!

Tomorrow will be a day of hopefully running into the post office tossing package into mail and getting out of the post office in under five min. I’m not holding my breath though. Once I get home I will start excavating the room and organizing it so I can get to my craft supplies as I need to finish up a pattern test. I get to test crochet 2 lovely baby jumpers that are so cute! I might even get motivated enough to finish my mom’s and my sister’s christmas presents as they are the two closest to being finished.  *GASP motivated!*

So far though my to do list present wise is getting nicely taken care of. I have my BF’s done, mom’s almost done, sister’s b-day present done, sister’s christmas present almost done, best friends almost done just need to stitch it up, only thing left to start from scratch is the christmas cards….Pinch me I’m way to close to being finished with way to much extra leeway time to be real! The only other thing coming up is a craft show next week that I have to prepare for. Which reminds me I need to get the printer hooked up and working so I can print out my care instruction tags so I don’t need to cramp my poor best friends hand with hand written instructions. Ah true friendship is knowing you have a lackey willing to write over 30 + care instruction cards. I owe her big time.

Till later have fun with the holidays everyone just remember to breath!